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Are you in need of Dental Coverage?

Individual and Group Plans Starting at $12

The Dental Source Advantage!
Most people will agree that taking care of your teeth is important. Your teeth are a valuable asset. If you take care of them, they should last a lifetime. However, many people neglect their teeth, and this neglect can cost more than just money. Not maintaining good oral hygiene can cause tooth loss and decay, which is painful and expensive.
You'll save more than just your smile!!
  • Flexible plans – Custom designed flexible for your needs.
  • DHMO plans – Offered to individuals and groups. We offer a discounted rate to state and federal employees.
  • Indemnity plans – Offered to groups along side the DHMO plan.
  • Free Access plans – Offered to groups of 500 and more. For more information please contact our sales department at
    (800) 369-3485.
Interested in Selling Dental Source Insurance?
Please contact our sales staff at (866) 481-9473, ext. 1060 for further information.
Individual Plan Design
*If you're looking for an individual policy Dental Source currently offers Plan E only. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dental Source at (866) 481-9473.
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